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History | The superior DNA

As a first-generation Korean fashion company founded in 1967 under the name Dongwon Textile, Superior has been a part of the history of the Korean golfwear and textile fashion market for more than 50 years with its first title.


Founded Dongwon Textile,

the predecessor of Superior

Founded Dongwon Textile, the predecessor of Superior co., ltd. , in Euljiro, Seoul, Korea



​Start of fashion brand business

Launched 'Boramae', the first fashion brand in Korea to commercialize 'Silket' material

1979 - 1990

Launching Korea's first golfwear brand

Expanded into the golfwear industry by launching Korea's first golfwear brand, Superior.


1995 - 2000

Growing with Korea’s golf industry

Hosting the industry's first golf tournament, the Superior Open Golf Tournament, and sponsoring multiple professional golfers each year, beginning with the official sponsorship of KJ.Choi in 1996.

2000 - 2011

Fashion/Licensing Business Expansion

Expanded into the fashion/licensing field by acquiring master licenses from overseas fashion brands in Italy, France, etc. and establishing local branches


2011 ~

Start of a fashion-focused group business

Diversification and expansion of the Group's businesses through domestic and international affiliates, including the fashion industry, cultural businesses such as the Superior Gallery and the World Golf History Museum, and real estate, finance, and the acquisition of Martine Sitbon S.A.S in France.

SUPERIOR 50th Anniversary Archive Video

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