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Superior | SUPERIOR

Superior is a fashion company that launched Korea's first golfwear brand, and now encompasses the entire fashion lifestyle, including fashion, licensing, finance, culture and art.

​Business area

Superior is currently growing through its headquarters and affiliates in Korea and a branch office in France, expanding into various fields such as licensing, financial investment, F&B, and cultural business, centered on fashion and retail.


Superior also operates the Superior Gallery and the World Golf History Museum as part of its cultural divisions, and has established the largest foundation in the Korean fashion industry to contribute to mission, service and giving back.

Management philosophy

Superior was founded on the philosophy of "Faith, Integrity, and Creativity" and the

We create style.

We are ahead of the curve and delight our customers.

We contribute to coexistence.

that based on the management philosophy of our founder, Chairman Kim Ki-Yeol, we practice just management and giving back to society.

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Superior Office Building, 614, ​Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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